From the Airwheel H3PS to learn the latest development of portable power wheelchair

Abstract: Science and technology is the driving force behind the rapid development of the world and the convenience of people’s lives. The Airwheel H3PS gives life unlimited possibilities, allowing people who have difficulty in moving to enjoy the same convenience as ordinary people and freely arrange their own lives without subject to the place.

Airwheel H3P Mobility Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are very important means of travel for some, but traditional wheelchairs are physically demanding and inflexible, especially when go uphill and store. At present, the portable motorized wheelchair H3PS is to solve these problems.

Airwheel H3P Mobility Wheelchair

Airwheel’s R&D team equips itssmart mobility wheelchair H3PS with a powerful and complete motor structure that can display enough power when climbing a hill, and showing flexibility in going forward and turning. It can pass flat walkways and rugged trails of the park easily with great traffic ability both at indoors or outdoors. The riding speed is up to /h and there are five gears that can be adjusted.

Airwheel H3P Mobility Wheelchair

The body adopts a foldable design and is equipped with an electric skeleton structure, which can automatically fold or unfold the body when the button is pressed, bringing much convenience to the user and caregiver. After folding, it can be easily accommodated in both indoor corners and car trunks.

Airwheel H3P power Wheelchair

Airwheel has also simplified the operation as much as possible. H3PS power wheelchair is equipped with an intelligent control handle on the pole. The handle not only shows the function keys such as acceleration, deceleration, horn and folding at a glance, but also has a joystick that can rotate 360° to control the direction, even for old people who are unfamiliar with the equipment can also get started immediately. Moreover, the intelligent control handle can be interchanged left and right to meet different usage habits.

Airwheel H3P electric Wheelchair

In addition, Airwheel H3PS foldable wheelchair is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, 8 meters barrier-free control distance, forward, backward, left and right steering, lighting headlights, one-button folding can be realized at a distance . Users can also choose to download the dedicated APP software, or use the WeChat applet to realize the remote control of the mobile phone to the wheelchair, and can cope with more scenes when used daily.