You deserve a better travel mate–Airwheel SE3 rideable smart luggage

Abstract:Not only does Airwheel SE3 smart suitcase no longer require too much physical effort to tow heavy baggage, but it can also avoid the tragedy of breaking legs when faced with large stations, airports and many places where there is no suitable means of transport.

Unlike the universal wheel of the ordinary suitcase, the Airwheel SE3 rideable smart suitcase is equipped with a front 6-inch motor wheel and two rear 8-inch inflatable wheels. It can handle blind roads, carpets, Marble, grass and other urban road conditions, with the user to easily ride at a suitable speed.

Airwheel SE3 Scooter luggage

As user's weight will add on the suitcase when riding, the interior of the Airwheel SE3 scootersuitcase is equipped with two sets of whole aluminum alloy boxes for comprehensive reinforcement. SE3 is also strong enough, as the ABS+PC material makes the SE3's load reach 100kg, so that the items in the luggage can be protected from any external force during riding, ensuring that it is safe and sound.

Airwheel SE3 robot luggage

As a smart riding suitcase, the operation of the SE3 smart luggageelectricscooter is no more complicated than the ordinary suitcase. Although it has two modes of riding and towing, the operation of switching selection is very convenient. It only needs to press the telescopic switch specified on it, and it will automatically extend or retract the riding wheel or the riding rod. Moreover, it is also equipped with a dedicated smart app, which can be used to quickly learn the SE3's riding speed, remaining power, mileage and other information as long as it is installed on the mobile phone.

Airwheel SE3 electric luggage

In detail, the battery pack of the Airwheel SE3 ridingluggage adopts a design that can be directly inserted and removed. It is only necessary to open the inner pocket of the suitcase to easily disconnect, remove the battery pack and charge separately. At the same time, Airwheel also offers two different capacity battery packs for users to choose from. It can be used to select battery packs according to different needs. Moreover, it has a USB high-efficiency charging port. Compared with the removable power bank that needs to be hand-held, it is more convenient to directly connect to the SE3 for charging.

Airwheel SE3 riding luggage

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