To improve life freedom and happiness with Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair.

Abstract: Airwheel H3T was born taking advantage of the trend and Airwheel will enable more users to experience the charm of technology and feel the freedom created by intelligence.

Airwheel H3T Portable mobility wheelchair

With the development of society and the improvement of human civilization, people, especially disabled people, are increasingly required to use modern high technology to improve their quality and freedom of life. While innovation has been an important part of Airwheel’s legacy, our highest priority has always been customer satisfaction. So, Airwheel H3T automatic folding electric wheelchair was born and it is super easy to operate. The intelligent controller on the handlebar includes all basic functions, accelerating, decelerating, lighting, horns and folding, unfolding. The direction is controlled by the joystick, which ensures everyone can sit and go.

Airwheel H3T lightweight motorized wheelchair

The Airwheel H3T lightweight motorized wheelchair is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, which remotely control the movement, folding and lighting of intelligent wheelchairs. It can help users to ride and store it by their own, with a higher degree of freedom. In addition, Airwheel also developed a mobile phone app, which can be used to control it through the mobile phone. It is the same control option as the Bluetooth remote control and smart controller.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

The H3T medical equipment adopts an electric folding design. It only needs to control one button, and the body can be automatically unfolded and folded without laborious folding. It is especially suitable for people who have difficulty in walking, and can also bring convenience to the caregiver.

Airwheel H3T folding wheelchair

Safety is extremely important no matter for which product. The H3T power wheelchair uses the EABS electromagnetic brake. When the handle is released, it will brake immediately. Even on the slope, it can guarantee the parked state without slipping. When reversing, the horn will automatically sound a warning tone to remind surrounding passers-by and vehicles to avoid it in time. The rear side is also designed with a multi-functional anti-dumping wheel, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from falling over when going up and down and backwards, and can also be used as an arm-brace when folding.

Airwheel H3T electric Wheelchair

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