Guide to Airwheel S5 SUV Balancing 2-wheeled electric scooter

Abstract: An all-dimensional objective evaluation of the newly released Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, S5 cross-country balancing scooter, will provide one with a deeper understanding of S5 in details.

On 18 June, Airwheel convened a new product release conference, in which two new members were unveiled. Today, we will give an all-dimensional evaluation of one member, S5 SUV balancing scooter.

No unpacking anymore! Most people might be a little interested in unpacking since packages are almost the same except for patterns on outer packing.

Airwheel S5 seems to be larger than S3 at the first glance. In fact, S5 employs 16 inch wheel hubs as well and, due to its thicker tyres, leaves an impression of jumbo.

S5 scooter electric

S5 has a rough appearance design, which coincides with its positioning as SUV. It is equipped with removable mudguards and metal bars on both sides, the latter of which allows a user to carry it easily and install colorful lights on it.

It has a foldable shaft, which is not designed with LED as S3 shaft, but it is still equipped with headlamp and rear-ended LED. Besides, S5 shaft is more sleek and beautiful than that of S3.

S5 has a larger battery capacity of 650wh and can cover 45-50 km on a full charge, which is the biggest improvement in S5. With a rated power of 500W, the intelligent two-wheeler is able to achieve an instantaneous power of up to 1500W.

How to operate S3 is also applicable to S5.

S5 self balancing electric scooter

Its in-built Panasonic battery, materials of bodywork and tyres are the same as that of S3.

S5 can travel slightly faster than S3 at a general speed of /h. The speed limit device starts to alarm when it reaches around /h.

[Other Features]
APP products related to Airwheel S5 electric scooter are under research and development, which, once downloaded, can perform real-time monitoring and setting of the scooter on the phone. But such Apps are not available now.

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