Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Is the Strategic Choice for Going to and off Work

Abstract: Since my home is close to my workplace, I bought a self-balancing scooter to commute. After riding the scooter for several months, I have to say that intelligent self-balancing scooter is really a strategic choice for going to and off work.

The first reason for choosing the current job is the satisfactory salary. But the other reason is the short distance between my home and workplace.

Though the job is quite ideal, but it is difficult to choose a proper vehicle to cover the short distance. It is not within walking distance, and instead it still takes me about dozens of minutes to get to the workplace. During rush hours, buses are crowded with office workers. Driving a car will consume much fuel and this way is not eco-friendly. After weighing the gains and losses, I decided to buy myself a bicycle or an electromobile. But one of my colleague’s bicycle got stolen after being left in the company.

X3 single wheel electric scooter

I have bought the smart device for some time. Now it is quite an assistant in my daily job and life. I ride myAirwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycle to and off work in the daytime. Sometimes, if I get to work too early, I would ride it in a park near the company and take a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. Even ten minutes riding would make me feel refreshed and relieved. At night after dinner, I would ride it to supermarkets or squares.

I am not an environmental fighter but like other people, I hate the heavy haze and advocate a healthy lifestyle. On account of this, intelligent self-balancing scooter has the best performance in low-carbon commuting. But it is not so widely spread in our life. I deeply wish that some day, there would be more people riding green vehicles like bikes and electric scooters.

X3 single wheel scooter

As for my riding experience, I’m mostly impressed by the portability of my intelligent scooter as I can easily take it into an elevator. It takes up very little space. At office, I store it under my office desk, convenient and safe. My Airwheel self-balancing scooter weighs little and even girls can carry it around.

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