Happiness Wells Up Once Riding Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Bike

Abstract: Indeed, environment protection should start from dribs and drabs. When fat wheel track replaces footprints, we can feel the fast speed, but air pollution spreads. Although cycling has less driving ability, E3 backpack electric bike developed by Airwheel, small folding size and lithium power supply, won't fall behind in environment protection.

Currently, with the overall improvement of science and technology level, entertainment, retail and tourism industries put forward with great strategy. Large cities are shrouded in thick smog while small towns are crowded in holidays. If you need to work out, the smart way is to take Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike home and alter your previous travelling mode from now on.


Sure, it is not a charity but Airwheel insists that the air quality is closely related with each consumer. Staying at home for a while is really comfortable but sometimes you will have to work out for this or that thing. Aiming at creating safer and green vehicles, Airwheel rolled out its marsrover, E3 backpack electric bike.

Coating steps strictly obey the professional procedures and pay more attention to the complex condition and harmful materials are absolutely not allowed to be mixed.

smart e bike

The folding function is for ease of portability. Not only handrails, pedals and saddles can be folded, the wheels can be also dropped into the two circles after the joints between wheels and main body is reasonably handled and finally the size is finely suitable for putting it into the customized backpack. E3 e bike plays a positive role in this industry and Airwheel is so proud for it.

Thanks to the safe lithium core and the replaceable battery packs, E3 foldable e bike is easy to be charged and performs flexible and smooth. Besides, the intelligent app assists riders to do self-examination and smart speed limitation so as to make contribution for environment protection and clear any security risks for your journey.

With Airwheel E3 idealwheel, your happiness will well up immediately.

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