There is no reason to refuse wearing helmet after knowing Airwheel C5 smart helmet

Abstract: Lots of people always hold the opinion that it is totally not necessary to wear riding helmet during daily cycling or weekend riding. But surprisingly, you might alter this traditional idea after you are standing in front of Airwheel C5 smart helmet.

It happens everywhere that riders who do not wear helmets are cycling in streets. In most people's eyes, they do not need to wear helmet during daily or weekend's riding. Actually, out of security, it is of great importance for wearing helmets during a ride. To alter this current condition, Airwheel developed C5 smart helmet which overcomes those existing problems in wearing helmets.

intelligent helmet

Helmets are not comfortable to wear mainly depending on two aspects: size & weight and the heat dissipation performance. For users with different head girth, Airwheel C5 is designed to be adjustable ranging from 53cm to 63cm. In this way, any users will feel comfortable through adjusting the size of C5 intelligent helmet. Moreover, it adopts the rotary fixed system so that users can do further adjustments to avoid head to be gripped.

High quality sports Helmet

Additionally, C5 helmet heads up display is installed with vent holes, forward air intake, ventilating slot stretching in the depth, top streamlined air hole and vertical exhaust hole in the tail, forming the powerful ventilation system which is helpful for promoting airflow and ensures the large ventilating area. Meanwhile, heat piled in head can be dissipated soon so as to keep head clean and dry. Users will never feel muggy by wearing helmet.

As a riding helmet mainly for daily riding or leisure riding, C5 intelligent helmet for road safety is not merely a helmet that can protect users from collision. It shall be multi-functional for giving more convenience and pleasures. Integrated with sports camera, Bluetooth earphones and microphones, C5 helmet can take pictures, shoot videos, pick up phone calls automatically and play music.

Now, do you have any reason to refuse wearing C5 helmet?

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