Heavy Packing Made Easier with Large, Lightweight Luggage

Carrying a large load? If you’re off on a longer trip and plan to pack a lot of stuff, consider the ‘Big Three’ of modern large luggage. Unlike the old days of heavyweight trunks and military-style duffels, today’s bigger bags are super lightweight and roll on wheels, just like their smaller carry-on cousins. Traveling with a full load has never been easier.Travelpro 26" Wheeled Upright
The Wheeled Upright
This is the most popular luggage style available today. Mid-sized wheeled uprights range from 23 inches to 26 inches and are ideal for weeklong trips. Those ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches are referred to as large wheeled uprights, perfect for packing bulky clothes. Anything over 30 inches has the potential of being charged by air carriers for being oversized. While most large uprights come with 2 wheels, spinner luggage features a 4-wheeled (or even 8-wheeled) rolling system. An excellent choice for anyone with back or mobility issues, spinners allow you to roll the bag in any direction without tilting the luggage to roll it. You can push, pull or glide bags sideways, a real convenience in crowded check-in and security lines.
The Rolling Duffel
Great for casual travel, the rolling duffel is shaped like a barrel, typically soft and available in 22, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 42-inch sizes. No longer are quality duffels designed as a long plain bag, however. Some brands include 2-inch expansions at each end for up to 20 percent more packaging space. Plus they can feature multiple exterior pockets, water bottle holders and even specially lined pockets to store cold drinks and warm food. Another innovation is the drop-bottom, which incorporates a zippered panel to create two packing spaces or one large compartment. Suffice to say; today’s duffel has come a long way in terms of maneuverability, style and functionality.
The Garment Bag
This bag is a must-have for every traveler who wants to keep their suits, dresses, and fancy outfits wrinkle free. Rolling or non-rolling, bi-fold or tri-fold, today’s garment bag comes with multiple exterior and interior pockets for organizing clothes, toiletries and electronics paraphernalia. While this bag is designed to hold typically 6 to 8 garments, smaller versions – known as suiter systems – are integrated into larger upright luggage. Removable suiters and full garment bags alike easily hang up in closets and often include storage for shoes and accessories.
A good tip to avoid oversize luggage fees: Always call your airline in advance on both size and weight restrictions before you go to the airport. Luggage restrictions vary by airline. Standard size restriction for checked baggage is 62 linear /157 centimeters (total length + width + height).
Innovation in both larger and smaller wheeled luggage is the hallmark of Travelpro, known worldwide as the Original Rollaboard®. Visit the Travelpro website to view Travelpro’s many lightweight, durable collections.