Make Heavy Packing Easier With Travelpro® Luggage

“Packing light” is sometimes easier said than done. Maybe you’re going on a longer trip, and need to take a lot of stuff. You know the traditional carry-on luggage isn’t going to suffice, so you’re going to check a larger bag through to your final destination.
But if you’re worried about lugging that old heavyweight suitcase or military style duffel bag through the airport, that’s no longer a problem. Thanks to the latest in luggage technology, the bags are bigger, but they’re a lot lighter too. Rather than a fourth of your total weight being tied up in the suitcase itself, the new large bags from Travelpro are lightweight, sturdy, and they roll.
Here are three large luggage options to get you where you’re going without being too heavy or bulky.
1. The Wheeled Upright.
This is one of our most popular sellers. The smaller versions range from 23 – 26 inches, and are great for a week or two. The larger versions — ranging from 27 – 30 inches — are better for longer trips, or packing bulky clothes (think weeklong ski trip or winter vacation). (Anything larger than 30 inches may be charged as oversized by the airlines). Some of our upright models even come with 4-wheeled and 8-wheeled rolling systems, which are great for people with sore backs or mobility concerns. You can push or pull the bags, or even roll them sideways.
2. The Rolling Duffel.
The old duffel bags were giant canvas barrels you’d see soldiers carrying to and from their next duty station. But while the newer duffels are still barrel shaped, the Travelpro® duffels have wheels so you can roll them to the check-in line or out to your car. The duffels come in 22, 26, 28, 30, 32, and 42-inch sizes. Some of the models also have 2-inch expansions at either end, as well as exterior pockets, water bottle holders, and even lined pockets to hold cold drinks and warm food.
3. The Garment Bag.
If you need to take suits, dresses, or other business or fancy-dress outfits and want to keep them wrinkle free, a garment bag is going to be your best bet. Travelpro even offers rolling garment bags, as well as non-rolling ones. They also come with exterior and interior pockets, so you’re not just throwing loose items at the bottom of the bag, hoping nothing gets damaged. Large garment bags typically hold 4 – 8 suits or outfits, and can be checked in at the ticket counter.
While Travelpro is mostly known for its 20″ – 22″ Rollaboard® luggage, we haven’t forgotten the extended travelers who need something bigger than a carryon. Our large luggage uses the same lightweight, strong materials to make traveling as easy as possible for you.
For more information on Travelpro luggage, visit our Travelpro Retail Locator on our website.