How Does the Most Promising Electric Skateboard Airwheel M3 Actually Work

Abstract: Everything just has its real nature. This post will tell all players of scooters how the most promising hoverboard M3 actually work. Objective reviews are given for reference.

I'm not sure why everyone is obsessed with hoverboards, but they are. Perhaps it could just blame “Back to the Future II” and the scene where Marty McFly used one. Personally, I am still just waiting for my moveable car which can fly over some breaches. Based on the advertisement, let's have a correct understanding about Airwheel M3 electric hoverboard most players dream to have one.


I think this model M3 is the most like what we would expect of a hoverboard. It's basically just a small skateboard, except that you stand on the deck made of maple wood instead of kicking to make it glide. Why is it called the most promising skateboard?

Basically when the magnetic levitation changes the magnetic field, it produces an electric current in the metallic surface its own magnetic field to repel the hoverboard magnetic levitation. Plus it's powered by Sony batteries, and it can reach up to the maximum speed 20 kilometer per hour.

Why is it awesome? This board is awesome because it holds a remote control in charge of changing speed and steering directions. Apart from this, the decals attached on the deck can be DIY, or choose from the customization or the ready-made. It's a unique way to show the personality.


Where does it fall short? Just like conventional boards, M3 electric skateboard also requires a special surface to ride it on. It doesn't work over water or any other surface that doesn't have magnets embedded in the ground although it's equipped with a magnetic levitation.

Nothing can be 100% perfect even the most promising skateboard M3. Set up a right attitude toward the new stuff, and have an expectation for a better one.

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