Three Certifications Prove Whether Your Hoverboard Is Safe or not

Abstract: There is a blessing for all lovers of self-balancing scooters under the aftermath of hoverboards' explosions and house fires. Only three certifications or proof materials can show whether the scooter is safe or not.

Due to frequent incidents resulting from unsafe hoverboards, the safety awareness of consumers has been greatly improved. There are still a few people having no idea about how to check the scooter since it's difficult to the inner components like batteries which are wrapped inside the device. It's a must for fans of scooters or consumers to know how to identify a good yet safe hoverboard.


This certification means the batteries inside the unit have passed the altitude simulation. That is to say batteries will not burn, leak liquid, exhaust gases, or disintegrate under the conditions pressure 11.6kpa or less, and temperature around 20 degree after it has been stored over 6 hours.

This is just one of UN38.3's tests. The remaining tests include hot test, vibration test, impulse test, external short circuit test, collision test, charging test, and forced discharge.


That test guarantees the device is safe during the course of transporting. Getting through UL1642 represents that Li-ion battery and battery housing will not lead to fire or explode when the device is used. The standard UL60950-1is to ensure the charger is qualified. When it's charging, the current is equalizing. The self-balancing electric scooter verified by these three tests can be a safe one.


Up to now, there only a handful brands among popular scooters are reliable in the market. They are Solowheel, Airwheel, and Segway. Or some other brands are also good. For it's impossible to require sellers to unwrap the battery pack which is put inside the unit or wrapped by battery housing, as players they can ask sellers to show these certificates. This is a need when you plan to buy an electric hoverboard, which is a behavior to be responsible for your own safety.

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