How To Install And Use Airwheel S8MINI Two Wheel Electric Scooter?

Abstract: Airwheel abandoned the control shaft and left the control of the vehicles thoroughly to people's gravity centre. And exactly because of the abandonment of the control shaft, Airwheel S8MINI electric scooter with seat was able to reduce the body size greatly.

Airwheel S8MINI

In daily life, most people need to put the electric scooter into trunk, take it to subway or in a smaller space to ride. So, they not only ensure the performance and riding comfort, but also make the S8MINI smart electric scooter smaller and lighter. Riders can easily control it, with a lower gravity centre to better ensure safety. Here we are going to see how to install S8MINI. Firstly, take out the scooter body, unfold the Kickstand (see Figure 1); take out the seat cushion, align the male plug in the seat cushion with the female plug in the supporting rod (see Figure 2) and buckle in the button placement.

Airwheel S8MINI

Then, open the quick-release on the supporting rod (see Figure 3), align the groove in the seat cushion with the convex slot in the supporting rod (see Figure 4), and fasten the quick-release.
When adjust height, open the quick-release first and adjust the seat cushion to the proper height and then fasten the quick-release.

S8MINI electric self-balancing scooter

There are risks of riding or driving any vehicle. S8MINI sitting-posture electric scooter is no exception. Please make sure this manual is read through and fully understood before initial use. And be cautious when riding. Sharp acceleration or deceleration or speeding via overly leaning forward or backward are strictly forbidden. Do not care about the vehicle if there is an emergency. Safety goes first.

Airwheel S8MINI

To get started, you need to check S8MINI to make sure everything is normal and then fold up the kickstand; then, turn on the main power switch. Hear the “beep” prompt tone and S8MINI enters into power state. Step on the pedal slightly and after hear the beep sound, S8MINI saddle-equipped scooter is ready to be ridden and maintain balance. Then riders can ride it. If you want to charge it, open the cover near the charging port, connect the charger plug to charge. In charge, it is red and it will turn green after it is fully charged.

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