How to solve the movement difficulty of the elderly? Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair brings quality travel.

Abstract: At present, the aging population is growing rapidly. Many elderly people over 60 have inconvenience to travel due to physical decline, illness and other factors. In order to help the elderly with travel difficulties to live more independently, Airwheel launched the smart wheelchair H3PC which can meet the needs of the elderly.

Airwheel H3PC electric smart wheelchair

For the elderly, the use of traditional manual wheelchairs is still extremely stamina-consuming. When encountering road conditions such as slopes, speed bumps, and lawns, it will be particularly difficult to navigate. Airwheel H3PC electirc wheelchair is equipped with a strong electro-dynamic mechanical structure, which can easily achieve a forward speed of /h under the drive of electric energy. The body is also equipped with electric folding joints. With just one button, the wheelchair can be automatically folded or unfolded to meet the needs of daily storage and storage in the trunk of the car.

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

Airwheel H3PC is simple and easy. For the elderly who are struggling with technology products, they can quickly learn to use it without stress. The intelligent control handle used for the operation of the machine is ergonomic and adopts the AI intelligent control system. The user can control the direction through the 360°rotating joystick, and switch, decelerate, accelerate, light, horn and other functions. In addition to the local control, the Airwheel H3PC electric automatic folding wheelchair has two remote control modes specially developed, Bluetooth and mobile APP. Without the help of others, the user can also control the wheelchair to be used, stored in the corner, folded and unfolded.

Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair

It is worth mentioning that the brake of Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair uses EABS electromagnetic brake. When braking is required, only the hand needs to leave the control lever. The wheelchair will respond quickly and improves the safety of elderly people when using electric wheelchairs. To further improve safety, it is also set with a reversing whistle function. When the user controls the wheelchair to move back, the horn will automatically sound an alarm to remind the surrounding passers-by to pay attention to avoid collision.

Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair

It is hoped that Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair can bring opportunities for those who have difficulty in movement to enjoy a quality travel.