What are the key factors to consider when choosing an electric wheelchair? Airwheel H3PC gives an answer.

Abstract: For peoplewho have difficulty in movement, wheelchairs can bring a lot of convenience. Today, driven by smart technology, in addition to ordinary wheelchairs, smart wheelchairs with more functions have appeared on the market.Judy is to talk about her experience with Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair.

Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair

Judy is healthy enough for her age of 70. However, she had to admit she is no longer energetic enough to travel frequently. She finds a solution for this–AirwheelH3PC smart wheelchair. Firstly, it is easy to operate. The intelligent controller equipped on its joystick clearly shows the functions of folding, unfolding, accelerating, decelerating, lighting, horn, etc., and the direction is controlled by the joystick. Also, it is labor saving.Compared with ordinary wheelchairs, H3PC is equipped with a powerful motor, a large-capacity battery pack and a controller, so it can move forward without turning the two wheels of the wheelchair with both hands, and the riding speed can reach 6km / h, and it is more labor-saving to use, and it is effortless to go up and down.

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

Moreover, riding AirwheelH3PCelectric automatic folding wheelchair provides Judy a sense of safety. When riding backwards, H3PC will automatically emit a beep to warn people around to avoid the collision with others when reversing. The brake adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, which can be braked efficiently by releasing the hand holding the control lever during riding, which is very safe. The front is equipped with LED lights, which can clearly illuminate the road conditions when traveling in a dark light environment.

Airwheel H3PC Folding wheelchair

The super convenience brought by Airwheel H3PC <>electric wheelchair medical equipment is far more than that.H3PC is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control. Within the obstacle-free distance, it can control the movement, folding, and lighting.Airwheelspecially develops a mobile phone APP, which can be used to control smart wheelchairs after installation. It is the same control option as Bluetooth remote control and smart controller.Plus, the body of H3PC power chair is foldable, and it also adopts the design ofautomaticelectric folding. With only one button, the body can be unfolded and folded automatically. Welcome to visit to learn more.