Multi-talented intelligent children’s box Airwheel SQ3

When it comes to children’s boxes, many people will think of it as a small and cute luggage specially prepared for children, mainly for the storage of children’s belongings during the journey, and help them to develop an independent personality. But it can actually also be disguised as walking equipment, to help children easily keep up with the pace of parents on the journey, or disguise the accompanying small speakers, enjoy the different fun of music, e-books. And Airwheel SQ3 is such a combination of a variety of functional talents in one intelligent children’s box.



Airwheel SQ3 is equipped with a strong motor wheel, as well as simple and easy to operate intelligent riding handle, riding only need to flexibly control the “right side forward”, “left brake”, “while controlling the reverse” these three, you can quickly start riding, for children aged 3-10 years old, no learning difficulty.

Riding speed and parents walking speed is similar, can help children easily keep up with the pace of parents, and keep enough energy to play. Children are less likely to shout tired, natural parents no longer need to cooperate with the child to slow down the pace, holding the back, both sides can play enough to enjoy.

When riding, because the box rear wheel also uses the design of self-generating light beads, so at night and other dark environments can emit a dazzling light, helping to enhance recognition and remind passers-by to pay attention to avoid.



During the trip, there will inevitably be times when you need to wait and take a short break, which is nothing for the adults, but will make the children feel extremely bored and need parents to learn how to divert their attention.

Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children’s box is especially equipped with high-quality speakers, support for Bluetooth connectivity and TF card reading, music control menu has a variety of modes can be selected at will, for the children to play e-books, children’s songs, music teaching, etc., so that children get more play and fun.


The internal storage space of the case can reach 15L, which can be filled with the clothes, water bottles, wash bags, toys, books, etc. that children need for the journey, so they can pick up and place their belongings at any time during the journey. Box reinforced with a one-piece frame, load up to 40kg, so a long ride, will not cause the box deformation, not to mention the luggage squeezed inside the box.

Box lock using a yacht panel lock design, and the use of safe and environmentally friendly POLYCARBONTE material, rounded texture, a pull can be opened, but also to avoid scratches in the process of use.

Box also follows the safety “round” rule, the use of rounded elements, the whole box without an angle, to avoid the risk of children in the use of the process of bruising. The edges of the box lid are also designed with wrapped edges, no scratching possible.


With the help of Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children’s box, not only children can also enjoy a more interesting journey, parents can also reduce the physical burden, go more easily, and their own baby play more happy, enjoyable.