The Key Components in Airwheel Self-balancing Scooters—Battery and Charger

Abstract: This event of exploding hoverboard happened in America, which once again warns players or buyers to pay more attention to the quality of the boards. In this post, Airwheel self-balancing scooters with fine quality is recommended for its key components, battery and charger have been equipped with dual protective boards.

Five days before Thanksgiving Day, Jessica's 12-year-old son got the most popular product, the hoverboard that was full of technical content. It is driven by lithium battery, and players only use toes to rein it. Jessica knew this procutc was quite hot, but she never thought the hoverboard could cause a fire to the house. And it nearly killed her son. The reason was that sparks shot up from the board. That's caused by the charger and battery, which can be the key componets in a hoverboard. It's reported that the inferior boards are from Fit Turbo.

Although that board causes a explosion, it doesn't mean players are deprived of the fun of hoverboard. Airwheelelectric hoverboard this brand can be an excellent one, getting through many verifications like CE, GST, ISO9001 etc. Airwheel's electric scooters with quality assurance will never cuase any accidents. All scooters made by Airwheel are designed with the concept of safety first. Safety is embodied by the kep components, namely the charger and battery.


And battery cells are protected by li-ion protect boards, which have 6 defenses inculding over-discharge protection, short circuit proteection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protction, and battery equalization.


The chargers with constant current and voltage adopted by Airwheel scooters are matched with the lithium-ion batteries. Thus, this sort of charger is equipped with the most basic protection functions. For instance, when the battery pack is full of charge, the charging current turns very small. And it also has overcharge protection.

All self-balancing electric scooters from Airwheel are paired with high quality batteries and chargers to guarantee the safety.

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