Must Haves For Traveling With Children

What travel items should you take when traveling with children? Beyond your Travelpro rollaboard carry-on packed with travel documents, toys, snacks and diapers, what items would make the trip far more enjoyable for both the kids and everyone around them?
Austin House, a division of Travelpro and leading brand of great travel accessories, offers a number of innovative, high quality items that will simplify life for anyone flying with small children. Here are a few recommendations:
Pressure-Less Earplanes: Few things bother children more when flying than inner-ear discomfort caused by air pressure changes. These specially designed ear plugs relieve air pressure during take-offs and landings. EarPlanes work naturally using the exclusive Ceramix™ filter, and are good for two flight segments.
Motion-Less: If motion bothers your child, Motion-Less wrist bands are for you. When worn correctly, these elasticized wrist bands control nausea due to motion sickness and inner ear imbalances. One size fits most wrists.
Personal Safety Alarm: For your own peace of mind, you’ll want to protect your child from strangers while traveling. This alarm is worn around the child’s neck and emits a high pitch alarm sound when string is pulled.
Super Soft Blanket: So what if most airlines don’t provide blankets any longer. Simply remove the “2 in 1” blanket and pillow set from the pouch, inflate the pillow and use the pouch as a pillow case. You and your child will arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.
Hide-A-Cup: Nothing soothes an irritable child like a drink. This collapsible high quality plastic cup with a pill container in the lid holds 4 ounces and fits easily into a pocket, purse or briefcase.
Adjustable Luggage Straps: If you’re checking bags for either you or your child, you need these handy luggage straps. They prevent accidental openings, protect zipper pulls and help you identify your luggage on the crowded conveyor belt. These rugged polypropylene straps contain an ID window and feature a high impact side-release buckle.
These are just a few of our travel tips. There are many other must have Austin House products that travelers of any age should consider. Check out the Austin House website for more information.