Must-Have Items For Traveling Abroad

The key to successful international travel is thoroughly planning for both for your convenience and safety.
As if “the road” isn’t inconvenient enough, traveling abroad often involves the need to transport more items over greater distances for longer time periods through unfamiliar areas. Which, of course, can be risky for both traveler and his belongings.
Austin House, a division of Travelpro and leading brand of great travel accessories offers a number of travel and personal security items perfect for those far from home.
Gatesafe: Simplify your trip through airport security with this boarding pass holder that provides quick and easy access to identification.
Hi-Lo Converter: You’ll need to account for voltage differences in order to avoid damaging any electrical items you bring. This device converts /240V foreign electricity to /125V for use with most North American appliances rated from 0–1875 watts. Research the voltage requirements for each country you plan to visit, and buy any adaptors you need from Austin House.
Digitime Alarm Clock: A dependable battery-powered clock that features a large, well-lit screen, snooze button and loud, crescendo alarm. Three Button Cell batteries are included.
Personal Safety Alarm: Protect yourself with this small alarm which is worn around the neck and emits a high pitch sound when its string is pulled.
Waist /Leg /Neck Safe: Protect your money and other valuables with these undetectable travel wallets. All are made from washable, lightweight /cotton material with Agion treated Cool-Max back panel to wick away moisture and kill odor causing bacteria. Each also features elasticized straps with fabric grip tabs that adjust to fit all sizes.
Compact Door Alarm: A protection device for the door (or window) of your hotel room which emits a high pitched sound when the clips placed between the door and door frame are separated.
In order to use your cell phone when traveling abroad, you may be able to purchase a prepaid SIM card from a vending machine at your destination airport. You’ll need to make arrangements with your carrier to “unlock” your phone beforehand (which some carriers may not agree to).
Finally, the best way to streamline international travel is to check one large Travelpro Rollaboard bag and carry-on a smaller bag that can be strapped to the rollaboard. Be sure to pack essentials (toiletries, medications and some clothing) in your carry-on, in case your checked bag is lost or delayed.
With a little planning and a few Austin House items, your overseas trip as safe as it is exciting. Safe travels!