Now is the Time to Start Traveling for Business Again

It is safe to say that there will not be hockey stick growth when it comes to business travel. Although vaccines are becoming more available to the public, strong warnings by the CDC and other government agencies are still cautioning travelers to consider the risks when you travel. However, if you follow certain safety measures and have received your vaccinations, it may be a golden opportunity for people to start traveling for business again. It’s a great way to jumpstart your sales and get a head start on your competition now rather than later.
The competition is at home
Traveling may be on the rise, but for the most part, people are still hunkering down and staying at home, including road warriors and occasional business travelers. More than likely, they are at home, conducting meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and getting some work done.
That may be fine for people who normally work in the office or are traveling for business once or twice a quarter. But the technology we have is not always the most effective for those of us who need to be on the road on a regular basis.
Regular travelers know that they are more effective in closing sales and completing projects when they’re face to face with their colleagues. The energy is different, the standards are different — we just act differently. So, for many of us, traveling for business needs to happen soon.
Business people want to scratch the travel itch
Even though Zoom and other technologies have made it possible to reduce the amount of travel we need to do, it’s just not the same. And for the creative professionals and entrepreneurs who just need to be away from the office, we’re itching to get out on the road again.
Even if we’re only gathering at cafes, hotel lounges, coworking spaces, and small conferences, businesspeople want to start gathering again. Public work spaces are growing in popularity again, partially because a lot of offices haven’t opened back up, but we still want to gather and meet.
So if you’re vaccinated and your clients are too, why not make those big things happen again?
Prices are low
The pandemic has played havoc on the travel industry, and they’re doing what they can to hold on. Which means their pricing is set low enough to bring people back as soon as they can. Hotels, airlines, trains, rental cars, and ride sharing have all lowered their prices to appeal to both vacationers and business travelers. Prices are still below pre-pandemic levels, which means traveling for business will cost a lot less than it did in 2019.
Hotel stays and meeting rooms are definitely more affordable, which means you can get more things done with clients, partners, and colleagues. Also, some deals may exist that will save you a lot of money, rather than postponing your trips until things get “a little better.”
Safety protocols abound
Businesses, travel providers, and other public places have worked tirelessly to make sure their own spaces comply with federal and local safety protocols. These can allow for face-to-face meetings while reducing the risk of getting sick.
And while it may be different than the way people met before, we still strongly encourage wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and using sanitizer to encourage traveling and meeting safely as we try to return to normal.
Are you ready to start traveling for business again? Have you been out on the road? Or are you waiting until much later? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter stream. You can also find us on our Instagram page at @TravelproIntl.
Photo credit: OrnaW (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)