What’s the Best First Piece of Luggage for the Serious New Traveler?

For the serious new traveler who will be on the road regularly, and plans on doing it for a while, you can’t just shove everything into a gym bag or camping backpack anymore. You’re growing beyond just throwing random items into a bag and rushing off. You’re taking business trips, packing business clothes, and you need to keep everything clean and wrinkle-free.
That’s true whether you’re vacation traveling or business traveling, and there is a difference in both the traveling and the packing. Having the right bag to travel with will make a difference in how you pack.
Bags for the serious new traveler
For that new college graduate who’s getting ready to explore the world, they probably don’t want their old kid’s luggage with their favorite cartoon character on it. And they probably don’t want your old hand-me-down either.
It’s time to get them something that will fit their own traveling needs. The bag (or bags) may be different from yours, but it’s essential to get a good starter bag to help them get on the road more easily.
Younger travelers love to move quickly, rolling from the airport to their hotel and around town. So you need a bag that’s easy for them to pull around and stay mobile.
Our Maxlite 5 series provides different options for convenience and comfort. More specifically, the 21″ Rollaboard provides height control, making it easy to adjust the handlebar with ease. It’s suitable for the single traveler who needs to travel light.
As your young traveler grows older and starts a family, they may want something larger in the checked luggage collection that can accommodate multiple people. The Platinum® Elite 29″ Expandable Spinner can hold enough clothing and accessories for a family of three traveling for a week. It has a built-in TSA-approved lock, contains a built-in system to protect clothes from wrinkles, and provides a lot of room at 29″ of space.
Navigating new frontiers
You may be heading to a new country and aren’t exactly sure what type of bag to bring. Here’s how to figure out which kind of luggage will better suit your travel style.
From Travel + Leisure
You may be going to a new country to just explore or traveling to a new city halfway across the country. You don’t have a heavy schedule or a project that you are working on. You just need to get away and travel the rivers and streets of somewhere you haven’t been before.
We suggest that you bring a bag that is going to allow you to move gracefully, yet is capable to carry all that you need as well. We have a set of expendables in our Travelpro® x Travel + Leisure® line that works for most trips you might take. There are rolling and spinning bags, as well as underseat totes and backpacks for both men and women.
We’re all business
You may be heading out on a business trip that requires you bring a lot of different gadgets and tools — your laptop, a tablet, possibly a small projector, and of course, all the charging cables. You’ll want a bag that’s suited to do the heavy lifting, but is still made of fabric that’s not easily breakable.
The Travelpro Platinum® Elite Business Backpack has padded laptop and tablet sleeves, as well as pockets for power cords and other small items. It also has the QuickSlip™ front pocket with magnetic closure for storing your cell phone or other essentials. It’s the ideal bag for the business traveler who’s looking for as much convenience as they can find on their travels.
What kind of bag do you recommend for the new traveler? What was your first bag? And what do you carry now? Tell us about it on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter stream. You can also find us on our Instagram page at @TravelproIntl.
Photo credit: Max•Lite 5 21″ Spinner (Travelpro Luggage)