Parameter description of Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboard

M3 wireless remote control skateboard is the newest product released by Airwheel Technology in 2015. For Airwheel, it has released several kinds of self-balancing air board based on the gyroscope principle in the concept of “travel freely and clean energy.” The emergence of M3 is a breakthrough by adopting the advantages of lithium battery and electrical and mechanical structure without taking the self-balancing techniques. M3 is a brand new electric skateboard. Some important parameters will be introduced in the following part.

The first is the installation. Users can find the installation tips in the Product Manual. If it is less helpful, users can search the installation video in Airwheel official website. Then, how to control M3 is the second problem rider faces. M3 electric skateboard, made of aluminium alloy, is equipped with 162.8wh lithium battery. The net weight is heavier than the traditional skateboard and it takes some time to learn and adopt the turning left and right. While going forward and backwards is controlled by 2.4G remote control, easy and convenient.

M3 electric air board

As for the range, standard equipped battery is 162.8wh lithium battery with the range of 20km in theory, as it is influenced by the road conditions, riders’ weights and other factors. The board is changeable. The spare screw slots are standard specifications. Supporters can purchase any kind of board to change. With the App, compatible with Android and IOS, riders can monitor M3 electric skateboards anytime and anywhere in real-time. See more information in Product Manual.

Finally, the after sales will be discussed. They can leave message at Airwheel official Facebook & website or Email directly to sales_supprt1@. Please describe the malfunction in details and the services you needed. The warranty is one year for the main body, half a year for the batteries & chargers. The easy-consuming parts such as tires and fenders are not covered by the warranty.

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