Recent Innovations in Luggage Manufacturing

Luggage manufacturers introduce new products every month: improved fabrics, added pockets, different zipper pulls, fancy new patterns and finishes to make the exterior pop. But how many products actually fundamentally change the way travelers can maneuver through the airport and throughout their journeys?
We’d like to talk about two innovations in luggage manufacturing — both involving the handle — that make travel today that much smoother. Travelpro is pioneering many of these innovations; we’ve created patent-pending technology that leads the way in making luggage better suited than ever for meeting busy travelers’ needs.
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More stable extension handles
The first innovation is more stable extension handles, which better support the pressures of hurried travelers. Travelpro developed the patent-pending PowerScope handle with minimal wobble when it’s fully extended; it’s strong enough to support a tote leaned against it. It’s been tested through 15,000 cycles, which means whether you’re rushing to catch a last-minute flight or in a tight pinch to get the handle down and stow your bag in the overhead bin, the PowerScope handle can take the pressure.
Ergonomic grips
The second innovation is ergonomic grips on the handles themselves. With travelers carrying even heavier loads than before — both inside their carry-on suitcases and on their shoulders in totes and laptop bags — getting a natural grip on a rollaboard suitcase is more important than ever. While most handles are straight across, the ergonomic grip handle have a more comfortable feel to make those long walks through the terminal a bit easier. The new Contour Grip on Travelpro’s WalkAbout spinners offer better control of the four-wheeled luggage, offering a padded place to rest the hand and slanted guides to help with direction when pushing. The patent-pending design eases pressure and fatigue on travelers’ shoulders, arms, hands and wrists.
Travelers today have enough to think about (and stress over) without worrying about their suitcase weighing or slowing them down. Here’s hoping these recent innovations will speed things along as much as possible.