Six Must-Have Travel Accessories For Stress-Free Travel

There’s more to stress-free travel than Travelpro® Luggage. It often takes world class travel accessories to make a trip truly exceptional.
Austin House, a division of Travelpro International and leading brand of great travel accessories, offers a number of innovative, high quality items that will improve the life of any traveler. Based on our customer feedback and sales, we’ve found six of the must-have travel accessories for the business or leisure traveler.
If you’re planning a trip overseas, remember that dual voltage (/125v) and (/250v) appliances require an adapter plug, while non-dual voltage items require a converter or transformer. The Austin House™ Universal Adapter Plug is compatible with outlets in more than 160 countries, and comes standard with a built-in surge protector.
Use the Austin House Travel Scale with Built-in Tape Measure to weigh and measure your luggage. This invaluable tool enables you to redistribute your belongings before you reach the airport, avoiding both overweight baggage fees and unnecessary frustration at the airline counter.
Another popular travel accessory is a set of Pressure-Less Earplanes. These specially designed ear plugs relieve air pressure during take-offs and landings. They’re recommended for cold and allergy sufferers, travelers with sinus conditions and those prone to air pressure changes. Earplanes work naturally using the exclusive Ceramix™ filter, and are good for two flight segments.
A great way to eliminate the need to pack excess clothing on extended trips is the Austin House Travel Laundry Kit. The kit contains five liquid Woolite® detergent packets, a sink stopper for sinks without a plug and a laundry line to hang dry laundry.
With many airlines no longer offering blankets due to cost cutting, the Austin House Super Soft Blanket has become a true travel necessity. Simply remove the 2-in-1 blanket and pillow set from the pouch, inflate the pillow and use the pouch as your pillow case. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.
Finally, Austin House Adjustable Luggage Straps prevent accidental openings, protect zipper pulls and help you identify your luggage on the crowded conveyor belt. These rugged polypropylene straps contain an ID window and feature a high impact side-release buckle.
You’ve streamlined travel with Travelpro Luggage. Take it to the next level with Austin House travel accessories.