Winning The Battle Of The Overhead Bins

Have you noticed that when you carry on rollaboard luggage, you’re no longer the Lone Ranger.
These days, everyone carries on as many bags as the airlines will allow, and the fight for overhead bin space looks a lot like the Wild West. How in the name of Kemosabe did this happen?
First of all, nearly all airlines now charge for checked luggage. These fees vary by airline, and are typically $20 – $30 for the first bag checked. Higher fees are charged for additional bags, often twice the amount of the initial bag. In addition, you’re charged an overweight fee if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds.
And, as travelers try to avoid checked bag fees by carrying on their luggage, the airlines are enforcing size and weight restrictions more aggressively. In the United States, you’re allowed to carry on two bags, one weighing 50 pounds or less and measuring no more than 22 inches in length – with a maximum of 45 linear inches (the sum of the bag’s length, width and height).
This poses no problem for Travelpro customers, since we offer many types and styles of rollaboard luggage that not only meet these size restrictions, but are constructed of lightweight materials, enabling you to pack more belongings without exceeding weight limits.
Our functional, easy-to-use bags also simplify the boarding, seating and disembarking process. Most models come with a telescoping handle for easy transport. Plus, as you place your bags in overhead bins, our multiple carry handles enable you to lift them with two hands.
The best overhead bin strategy is to practice good carry-on etiquette:
A little common courtesy goes a long way. Tonto would be proud.