Surprise Someone Else, or Treat Yourself—Airwheel SR5 Intelligent Auto-Following Suitcase

Abstract: Unlike other products in Airwheel series, SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase is a brilliant masterpiece of high-tech intelligence, offering a vast array of cool features that help to alleviate the stresses of travel.

Having redefined the personal-vehicle industries, Airwheel has set its sights on a new target—hands free suitcase. SR5 has set a new benchmark during travel. SR5 is a 20-inch standard carry-on suitcase with 30L inner space. It is a small yet powerful helper that turns the suitcase into your creative robot, helping you make every journey easy and unforgettable.

Airwheel SR5 smart autonomous suitcase

Its shell made of ABS and PC materials makes it lighter and sturdier. SR5 smart luggage installs independently developed rear-wheel drive, combined with the front Omni-directional wheel that allows users to enjoy a smooth and relaxing journey. Its TSA002 password lock is highly safe and is in line with global customs standards, making customs clearance quick and easy. Moreover, SR5 can charge your daily electronics, thanks to the removable lithium-ion battery complying with airline boarding requirements. It is able to provide 5km range and charge your mobile phone, Pad and other electronics.

Airwheel SR5 smart robot suitcase

All Airwheel products are equipped with intelligent chips playing the crucial role in realizing the intelligence of Airwheel products. Similarly, Airwheel SR5 intelligent auto-following suitcase is also equipped with such intelligent chips to work for the automation system. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of Airwheel's most sophisticated robot ever. Its functions include auto-follow, remote control operation, intelligent obstacle avoidance and smartphone app, introducing users to a brand new travel experience. SR5 and your mobile will release alarm when it's separated from the user beyond safe distance. It is able to sense the distance.

Airwheel SR5 self-following suitcase

As a smart travel mate, the mobile app is a must. After connecting to mobile App, Airwheel SR5 self-following suitcase can realize three control modes—one-hand 360° mode, two-hand control mode and gravity sensing mode. You can remote control it to play with your pets or load other heavy travel items on it. If you are considering to buy a suitcase to make your travel easier and more comfortable or surprise someone else, try the unmanned SR5.