weekend breaks—It’s Time to go for an Airwheel Ride

Abstract: Some riders are fond of extreme sports. Some are annoyed by the traffic jam every day and are eager to change such situation. The ultimate Airwheel mars rover with safer features, stronger hardware, and smarter software is riders' top choice.

What's your weekend plan? People usually relax themselves on weekends and some like to go camping, some choose to dine together with friends and some enjoy singing out in KTV. Here, we will recommend you a new and eco relaxing way—go for an Airwheel smart electric scooter ride. Airwheel focuses on research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in the short-to-medium distance transportation industry. So far, there are over ten different series of products to meet different users' demands.

Airwheel S5 SUV electric scooter

Firstly, the loyal fans of Airwheel have eyes only for the electric unicycles which are build-in intelligent balancing chip to maintain balance to escort the journey with fuzzy algorithm & aviation attitude control technique. Also, they are fond of the electric skateboard with lower learning difficulty due to the 2.4g remote control.

Airwheel R8 smart  mountain bike

Secondly, some people are annoyed by the traffic jam every day and are eager to change. The Airwheel R series of electric assist bikes are their favorites, as they are featured by long range and multiple ride modes. Among all the models Airwheel released, R6 is my type. To charge the battery and phone is indeed convenient. I usually ride it to go to work without traffic. And the range is enough for me.

Airwheel H8 electric power folding wheelchair

Thirdly, the senior citizens also have their own vehicle—Airwheel H series of power chairs. H3S is equipped with automatic folding system and H8 has a storage bag. Both install smart controller to make it much easier and more suitable for the old to ride. Finally, nobody likes carrying heavy bags, paying checking fees and worrying about airlines losing luggage. It's a drag… Airwheel SR3 intelligent auto-following suitcase offers a vast array of cool features that help to alleviate the stresses of travel with the auto-follow and obstacle avoidance system.

In a word, these intelligent robots are for everyday activities. Welcome to join Airwheel big family and spendAirwheel time together with friends and families.