The Collection of FAQs about Airwheel H3S Power and Manual Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel H3S lightweight power chair is released to compete for the mobility of the old people in the market. Now, it is available in physical and online stores. Here are three most frequently asked questions about it.

Q: What are the unique features of H3S to stand out from other wheelchairs?
The aim of Airwheel is enabling customers to live freer and providing them with an intelligent companion, helping them find passion and joy from life. So does H3S electric power wheelchair. As of its unique features, they can be described in the following three aspects.
First, the automatic folding system attracts many riders' attention. It is of great convenience for riders to fold or unfold it just pushing one single button.
Second, H3S introduces the smart joystick controller, a brand new control mode. To go forward, backward or turn directions, riders just slightly push the controller to the corresponding directions. Anyone is able to manipulate within minutes.
Third, H3S has dual ride modes—manual mode and electric mode which installs branded lithium battery, without burning or explosion. Also, the mobile app allows riders to control it remotely, in addition to learning the riding data.

Airwheel H3S folding wheelchair APP

Q:What are the target buyers of Airwheel H3S?
There is a stereotype about electric vehicle—it is a toy to capture the attention of the youngsters, not suitable for the old. Airwheel H3S breaks such stereotype, making it an ideal commuting vehicle for the old. Of course, it does not limit to the old people. Anyone who feel tired easily, are with mobility problem and are willing to try new things are the potential riders of H3S power chair.

Q:Is the battery replaceable? How to install it?
Different from H8, H3S's battery is unreplaceable. If you want to remove it, you need to prepare tools. Then, connect the power and start H3S. Disconnect the power, Insert the battery into the battery holder from the bottom of H3S smartelectricwheelchair. Secure the four screws on the battery case. Connect the power and other plugs to complete the battery installation.

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