The do’s and don’ts of Airwheel smart Mars Rover

Abstract: No matter which Airwheel model you choose, reading through the User Manual first is suggested. It is better to know all the do's and don'ts. The following lists the top important matters needing your attention.

Airwheel powered scooter has gained a great success all over the world and is known for its portability and convenience, as it can be easily carried into buses or subways. No matter which Airwheel model you choose, reading through the User Manual first is suggested.

Airwheel Battery

Airwheel smart electric scooter is powered by branded lithium battery and the battery plays a core role in the performance. There is a lithium battery with high voltage. To understand the safe use, storage, transportation and recycling of the battery pack, please read the user manual carefully and operate as required. Please follow the local regulations to deal with the waste battery. Do not discard it carelessly in case of environmental pollution. Do not disassemble, squeeze, impact, pierce or expose the battery to the sun. Do not touch battery contacts, especially the metal objects in case of short circuit. The above may cause damage to the battery or personal injury and even death. Do not place the battery close to the heat source, throw into fire or immerse it in water.

Airwheel Batteries

Also, Airwheel mars rover requires the original charger to charge the battery, otherwise there is a risk of damage or fire. Avoid using and storing the battery in an environment below -15 ° C or above 50 ° C. When not in use over 30 days, please charge it fully, remove the battery from the body and store it in a cool dry place. Charge it every 90 days to prevent battery damage (such damage is not covered within the warranty).

Airwheel S3 scooter

For inflation, riders need to use the extended connector to inflate the tire. Without the connector, you may fail to pump air into the wheel. For storage, it should be stored in the dry and ventilated places at room temperature. The newly purchased Airwheel mini electric scooter should be adjusted in good condition, if there is any question, please refer to the aftersales staff or send email to after-sale@ and they will give you satisfactory solution.