Top Five Features Of A Road Warrior’s Travel Bag

When you’re going to war, you need the right ammunition.
And, when you’re a frequent business traveler, a “road warrior,” you need the right luggage.
So, what five features should every road warrior’s travel bags have?
Quality & Durability: Every road warrior knows that, in order to prevail, your luggage must survive. That’s why Travelpro products, like our Platinum 6 and Crew 8 lines, are manufactured with strong honeycomb frames, and durable abrasion-resistant nylon fabric with a protective coating. I-Beam reinforced extension handles, high-tensile zipper pulls, self-repairing zippers and sealed bearing wheels enhance durability. Plus, features like molded corner guards, skid guards and skid bars.
Efficient Design: Road warriors can’t waste precious time locating items in a poorly constructed travel bag. A large front pocket for newspapers, books and reports, an easily accessible ticket pocket and a convenient water bottle pocket streamline your trip. Plus, packing innovations like built-in suiters (which hold and keep your suits wrinkle-free) reduce the number of bags needed, again saving time and effort.
Range of Choice: What road warrior doesn’t appreciate a wide range of travel bag options? Travelpro’s offerings include carry-ons, large uprights, totes, duffels, garment bags, computer briefcases, and backpacks. Numerous expandable, rollable and deluxe models are available. Most feature a quick-loop strap and add-a-bag strap for combining luggage to simplify transport through airports.
Lightweight Construction: The lighter the bag, the easier it is for the road warrior to carry it on the plane and avoid expensive checked baggage fees and lengthy luggage retrieval delays. Plus, if you’re taking a well-deserved rest-and-relaxation trip, a lighter bag can easily hold over 35 to 40 pounds of clothing.
Ergonomic Design: Road warriors need to conserve their energy when wrestling bags into overhead storage bins. Travelpro products feature multiple carry handles enabling you to lift them with two hands. Plus, our extension handles on our Platinum 6 and Crew 8 lines have multiple stops with the top height at 43 inches, to ensure a comfortable roll for users of different heights.
The road warrior faces many challenges. A well-crafted bag from Travelpro can help eliminate a lot of them.