Travelpro Receives First Place in Travel Goods Assocation Product Innovation Awards

We were very excited at Travelpro to receive some wonderful news at the Travel Goods Association trade show today: Our Platinum Magna 8-wheel Expandable Spinner received First Place in the TGA’s Product Innovation Awards.
The Platinum Magna Luggage collection at the 2013 Travel Goods Association show.This is the second year we have won an award from the TGA, taking third place last year for our Crew 9 21-inch Expandable Spinner, which was chosen for its two handle features, the PowerScope extension handle, and the Contour Grip.
This year our designers incorporated four new patent-pending technologies on the the Platinum Magna 8-wheel Expandable Spinner: the MagnaTrac, the 8-wheel Spinner system, the Duraframe framing system, the PowerScope extension handle and the Contour handle grip. The entire Platinum 8 collection is backed by the Travelpro “Worry-Free” lifetime warranty. The end result is that the bag is easier to move, more comfortable to grip, and we’ve eliminated the drifting effect typically seen in other spinner-wheel bags
We were very pleased to bring home this award, because we incorporated many of the features based on the consumer feedback we have received for each of our collections. It’s comments, tweets, Facebook status updates, and even blog comments that have helped us continually strive to make the perfect bag.
This year, we took one step closer to it, and with your help, and thanks to the hard work and innovation of our design staff, we hope to do this again next year.
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