What Is Your Ideal Transport? Does Airwheel R6 Hybrid Bike Make The Grade?

Abstract: Among all the models in Airwheel, some show special preference to the R6 intelligent electric bike, as it has recreational, commuting and sports functions, and meet the diversified needs of the modern riders.

In the sector of personal transportation, Airwheel wins its reputation by making full use of the tech development and has dramatically elevated user experience, by improving each detail. As the latest product of Airwheel, R6 perfectly combines recreational, commuting and sports functions.

Airwheel R6

From the aspect of material, Airwheel R6 electric assist bike's main frame is made of light-weighted aluminum alloy which not only reduces the item weight, but also improves the load ability, reaching to 100kg.

From the aspect of function, R6 is equipped with a chain system and it allows riders to pedal. It has two different operating modes and has great performance in portability and intelligence. R6 pedal assist bike can shift its role freely between traditional bike and moped, with chain system and hub motor mounted. Whether for body fitting, for entertainment or for an obstacle-free commuting. It is a new fashion to ride the vehicle to commute.

Airwheel R6

What is more, the trip computer of Airwheel R6 allows riders to know the real-time data and condition of R6, like speed, running mileage, and dump energy. Before each ride, people can check the battery to see if there's enough energy for a ride, and check the fault self-diagnosis to see if R6 electric assist bicycle is in good condition. Equipped with customized 14-inch tires, R6 guarantees better grip effect and traffic ability. It is more durable and can adapt to different road conditions.

Airwheel R6

From the aspect of convenience, R6 lightweight trekking electric bike preforms better than others. To remove the trouble for urban office workers and enhance the efficiency of commuting, R6 has adopted an automatic foldable design. That is, riders can fold or unfold it just pushing one button and the folded size can fit into small space. When folded, it can be taken onto public transportation. Therefore, we can plan their daily route by connecting R6 and other public transportation in a flexible way. Also, the folded R6 is easy to store.