Where Would You Take Your New Tpro Bold Bag?

We’re very excited to launch our new T-Pro® Bold luggage collection in early November. T-Pro Bold by Travelpro is compact, lightweight and portable. It travels over rough terrain as easily as city streets. Inspired by adventure travelers, Bold is the ultimate in action luggage.
The T-Pro Bold is made to the same exacting testing standards as the rest of our Travelpro® collections — Crew 8, Platinum® 6, the WalkAbout® Lite 3 — durable, versatile and stylish as they comel.
When you think of the T-Pro Bold, think of throwing your bag into the back of the Jeep for an exciting weekend excursion. Or taking it up to the lake cabin for some fishing or hunting. Or the long ski weekend in the mountains or a short stay at the beach. These bags were inspired by adventure travelers, and they’re made for the adventurer in all of us.
T-Pro Bold stores everything from food and electronics to clothing and more. It stores and protects your gear whether you’re winding your way through city streets, or traipsing the trails to get to your next campsite. The collection includes a backpack, duffel bag, two rolling duffels and two upright Rollaboards.
Our T-Pro Bold Carry-On Backpack only weighs 2.5 pounds, but it includes a water bottle side pocket, phone holder, earphone port, a side pocket for maps, and even a sunglasses strap. And the sleeve is padded to protect your laptop. So, while we’ve made this to be lightweight, we’re not sacrificing durability. Your laptop will be just as safe in the wild as it is in the office.
So where would you take your T-Pro Bold? What would you take with you? Where is your dream trip and how would you use our luggage to get you there? Join our Facebook page, and leave a comment.