Which Airwheel Smart Electric Bike Will You Choose?

Abstract: Despite its great achievement, Airwheel continues to strive for producing more products to help the public lead a more convenient life. Its new arrivals make up the deficiency of traditional electric vehicles and the R series of electric moped bikes integrate the temperament of bicycles into it.

Nowadays, the private cars seem to be a standard vehicle for us. Meanwhile, the fast growing number of private cars has caused many problems, such as traffic jam, frequent accidents and serious emission problems. The good news is many enterprises have developed many alternatives, say Airwheel smart electric scooter who continues to strive for producing more products to help the public lead a more convenient life. Among its different series of products, R series with different model is to give more choices for riders.

Airwheel R3

So far, there are four models in R series—R5, R3, R6 and R8 electric assist bicycles. Proud of the multiple ride modes—man powered mode, electric mode and moped mode, they are able to give riders a totally different riding experience.

Airwheel R3

In the pure electric mode, riders' legs are liberated for enjoying a more carefree and lightsome riding. It makes riding labor-saving and efficient with /h. It worth noting that the R6 electric cross bike only has two mode—pedaling mode and moped mode.

Airwheel R3

In the man powered mode, riders can exercise their legs and build up their bodies. As for the moped mode, riders can enjoy a long journey with different gears available that can be set via App. Also, its App realizes fault self-diagnosis, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc. R6 and R8 are equipped with trip computers to realize the smartphone App function.

Airwheel R8

In addition to the similarities, each of them have their own advantages. R5 lightweight trekking bike as the founding model has laid a solid foundation for the latter models. R3 is equipped with 14 inch wheels making it more suitable for girls. R6 boasts for its automatic folding design, with one button to stretch and contract it. R8 with a triangle frame is equipped with 26 inch wheels to conquer different road conditions and it is more enjoyed by the boys. So, which model will you choose?