The whole movie world changes when intelligent technology combines with the first-person perspective

First-person game


And this one? No interest?

electric walkcar

You may not be interested in PC games.

Twin-wheeled Scooter

So we will go back to movies.

“Art will flee when tech comes.”

James Cameron, a world-known filmmaker and director, who has directed The Terminator and Titanic was against it with the Avatar.

In the movie world, James Cameron has led the audience transforming to God, referring to the omniscient perspective in literature to have an artistic journey, via the intelligent tech. Even up to now, it is unparalleled.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Ang Lee's upcoming film adopts higher frame shooting rates—4K/3D 120 frame per second that causes a sensation among the film technology specialists presenting a more authentic and coherent frames, as vivid as life.

“This may lead a revolution in the filmdom.”—Variety

We will wait and see what happens.
Hard Core, a short film of fighting nation is an exemplar of God's perspective, also named omniscient perspective.

single wheel electric scooter

Hard Core is the first film directed by Ilya Naishuller, Russian director in the first perspective. It has been crowdfunded $28,000 and completed production in 2015.

Just as the very name, epinephrine and hormone surge. From the audience's feedback, it seems you will be shot with a blood face anytime. Even some foreigners respond: oh god, I need to take a breath and take a rest.

electric self-balancing unicycle

It uses , a kind of action camera, often used in extreme-action videography and part of the connected sport movement to shoot in the whole process, fully reflecting empathy engagement.

This movie tells us everyone can create or record their own life, as long as they are proficient in utilizing tech and tools and more importantly, they are willing to share.

On the journey road, or in an interesting party, you can record the happiness and share with your friends, providing an immersive experience to them. Intelligent tech makes everything easier and possible.

self balance electric unicycle

God's perspective (omniscient perspective)

Equivalent material as Nokia

2K resolution video recording

As long as 180 minutes range

Intelligent acquisition & sharing and playing back

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